McCall’s M6512

See?  I have been busy!!  OK, this shirt makes up for the green one that I made and had to throw into a corner (for now) – I love everything about it.  The pattern is M6512 and the only thing I didn’t enjoy about constructing this one is altering the pattern, but then that seems to be an issue with ALL my patterns because I don’t have a “standard” body. Realistically though, it’s also the reason why i LOVE sewing so much because I can alter patterns to fit me right!

2013-09-10 11.21.17

When I look at the photo I think I should have added even more length to the body but that’s something I’ll do on the next one coz I am sure I’m going to make more of these.  The pattern was easy to follow and had some amazing instructions on how to alter the bust (doing a full bust adjustment) and having the correct markings on the pattern itself to tell you where you need to cut the pattern, should you want to do an FBA.  I think for people who would like to trial a few FBAs then this would be a great pattern to practice on coz it’s easy to put together and the instructions are very clear.

2013-09-10 11.22.29

The fabric I chose is actually a lot darker than I had intended but the feel of the fabric was perfect – a light weight 100% cotton with a self embossed stripe.  I picked it up in a half price fabric sale and the buttons actually cost more than the fabric! haha!  Another thing I found really nice about the pattern is that the shoulder tabs are actually positioned to the front of the blouse… novel, in my books! :-)

2013-09-10 11.22.50

And the sewing hasn’t stopped with the shirt!  I have a girls night out tonight and am almost finished with a dress that I am making.  I need to stop typing though so that I can finish it – I only have about 2 hours left to do this and I will blog about it soon!  I hope you’re all well. I follow many of your blogs on my mobile phone but unfortunately I can’t seem to make comments from there so I wait until I am at a computer but by then I can’t remember what I wanted to say anymore!!  LOL  Either way, I love reading about what you’re doing and I get inspired by seeing pictures of what you’re all making!

Have a lovely Friday!!

Carola xx


McCall’s M6649

Wow, it’s been a fun fortnight with sewing and drafting and working and babysitting and cooking.  My life is just full of wonderful things and here’s the latest addition to my wardrobe:  McCall’s M6649 which I made with the aid of’s Classic Tailored Shirt course:

IMG_8802As you can see, it’s quite different to any of the pictures on the pattern cover as I chose to not add a pocket, I merged the centre band onto the centre front so I didn’t need to make them separate aaaaaannnnddd, I added length to the cuff so that I could sew three buttons on instead of one.  Yeah, ok, sometimes I get a little carried away with length and maybe, just maybe a tad, I added slightly too much to the sleeve but I’m not worried about it and love the shirt to bits!

You may also notice the ugly contraption on my left foot (called a moon-boot) for my supposed stress fracture in my foot. I’ve been wearing it for 5 weeks so far and last week I had an MRI to see exactly what’s going on.  I find out the results of that MRI in a couple of hours when I see my podiatrist again.  Thank goodness it’s not my sewing foot! :)

IMG_8804If you look carefully, you might be able to see the three cuff buttons… ?? LOL

IMG_8807IMG_8809IMG_8810I won’t make this a long post as I’m very busy but will let you know that I’ve already bought (and washed) my next shirt fabric…. it’s so very addictive and I’m looking forward to starting it soon but as promised I’m going to give some skirt drafting instructions first.  Stay tuned for those!

Happy sewing everyone!

Carola x

PS:  Just got back from the podiatrist and he tells me that I don’t have a stress fracture as suspected, and I also don’t have a tumour (which was something that he was worried about, even though he hadn’t relayed that worry on to me, thank goodness!!)… what I have is a snapped ligament on my second toe and he is still trying to decide whether surgery is the way to go or not!  The way I’m feeling right now, I don’t care… I just want to be able to wear normal shoes again and get back to my normal level of activity!  Either way, now that we know what’s wrong, we can work on fixing it! The only way is up!