About me

My name is Carola and I am from Perth, Western Australia. I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember, being sent off to private sewing classes in the city at the age of 13. I was the only kid in that class sitting amongst fossils who were probably only in their 40s, just like I am now! LOL

I am married with 3 teenage children and have only recently taken up sewing again (now that the kids are older and I have more room to set up my sewing machine…. no separate sewing room just yet but that will be on the list of wants for my next home!) and finally wanting to perfect the fit of clothing on me and make original garments that I can feel proud to wear. I am just under 6 foot tall (182cm to be precise) and always have problems with the length of clothing. It is a problem no more.

I am about to join the challenge of FASTING FROM BUYING READY TO WEAR CLOTHING for ONE YEAR!! No time like the present! And now that I have finished my Couture Dress, I am free. Join me on my journey and hopefully watch me grow as a person, learning new skills and perfecting the ones I already have. The internet is amazing and other bloggers have inspired me to keep this journal and see where it takes me.

“Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you’re going. It doesn’t have to be right or loud. Just has to be you.”
— Pharrell Williams

I love that quote! And I realise now that as long as it’s me, it will work!

PS: Did I mention I restarted my sewing passion with making aprons about a year ago? Feel free to check out my Facebook page here. Whenever I make a new apron, I post photos on my page but I will keep it separate to my blog (which is all about sewing for MEEEEEEEE!!) My aprons are for sale and are made to order but my passion is being more directed into my personal sewing now.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Just started following your blog and am very interested in the RTW fast. I am not sure my skills are up to the challenge but I am going to try it myself on the sidelines. I loved the dress you most recently posted. Nice work

    • Thank you, Karen. I don’t know that any of us in the fast have any particular skills but we’re all trying to improve our skills and blog or email about it as we go along… I think the fact that we have committed to the challenge, we’re more determined to see it through. It’s so much fun! Feel free to jump in and join us ANY TIME! Honestly, you have nothing to fear. We’re just a bunch of like minded ladies who are getting to know each other and have some fun. :)

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