Devastated! (And it’s all my own fault!)

Oh, it’s been such an exciting week with my Drape Drape 2 pattern book arriving and I carefully sat down and transferred all the required pattern pieces onto my butcher paper to create the perfect pattern for me!  Did I tell you which pattern inspired me to buy the pattern?  It was Sew Busy Lizzy’s version of pattern number 4 in the book (if you’re not following her, then you’re missing out coz she’s a fellow Aussie and her photography is just beautiful. She lives near the ocean (but about 4,000km from me on the east coast of Australia!) and all her photos have such a beautiful background… go check her out and tell her I sent you! :)

Anyway, did you look at Lizzy’s version of pattern number 4? Seriously the most stunning t-shirt I have ever seen and so I went out searching for fabric that would work. Found a cheap fabric at $10/m that I thought would work for the first version so I could check fit, and drape before spending more money on an expensive fabric. It wasn’t a difficult pattern although it’s a bit of a task transferring the relevant pattern pieces onto my plain paper and then joining them together to make one pattern piece – yes, that’s right: ONE PATTERN PIECE (plus neck binding)!

20140215_141903In the above photo you can see how I’ve highlighted the various pattern pieces that make up the ONE garment i’m wanting to make… actually had to draw all three up and join them! Not too hard but I found it easier to trace the correct size with a highlighter first.

a one-piece pattern for a stunning T-shirt

a one-piece pattern for a stunning T-shirt

I cut out the fabric which was slightly sheer and stretchy and practiced my stitching only to find i couldn’t get the overlocker’s tension right and no matter what i changed, i ended up with very wavy seams so went to the sewing machine instead.

Using toilet paper, i managed to get flat seams… it’s amazing what a difference toilet paper makes (clean, of course!) but by using it as a backing, your fabric has more stability and it sews a lot easier.

See the toilet paper behind the dress fabric? It helps to make the seams flat!

See the toilet paper behind the dress fabric? It helps to make the seams flat!

Here’s what it looks like when I flip the fabric over… and all i need to do is tear the toilet paper away (and any that is left will dissolve in the first wash)!

the back of the toilet paper... and what it looks like once torn away.

the back of the toilet paper… and what it looks like once torn away.

Anyway, I finished the garment but had to iron the neck seams flat and used a Raja Cloth to protect the fabric… and, oops! I moved the iron off the Raja Cloth ever so slightly (by accident!!) and now I have a hole melted into the fabric and I’m so, so sad! Shit, shit, shit, shit!!!!! Such devastation! (I actually cried!)

Oops! It's irrepairable! :(

Oops! It’s irrepairable! :(

And here’s what it looks like on! :(

20140216_174321Isn’t the draping just stunning? I absolutely love it!

Anyway, after the “incident” I went out to buy more fabric and I was pleasantly surprised that the fabric had been since placed on the “reduced” table and was now only $4/m and would therefore only cost $5 to redo (from scratch!). Oh well! Lesson learnt and hopefully the second version (same fabric) will come out a lot quicker than the first one seeing as now i’ve figured out the easiest way to get flat seams, etc.  Stay tuned coz the next copy won’t be far away! :)

I’m glad I’m not one to give up! (That personality trait does annoy the heck out of me!) So if you also end up making a huge mistake like I did please don’t give up. Just start again and you’ll feel so good in the end!

Have a nice night!

Carola x


3 thoughts on “Devastated! (And it’s all my own fault!)

  1. Oh Carola! I feel your pain. I have cried at the ironing board too. So glad you found more fabric on the clearance table. Can’t wait to see the finished top sans hole. ;)

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