The fast is over…

Wow, I looked at the calendar last week and noticed that my anniversary date had been and gone and I’m now free to go out and buy some clothes!  I bought myself a new pair of jeans but that’s all I really feel like buying at this stage coz at the end of the day, I’d rather sew my clothes to get a better fit and to be able to wear unique clothing.

Am I happy with my year of fasting from ready-to-wear clothing?  Yes, I am but I’m disappointed that I didn’t have more time to sew and therefore made fewer items than I planned.  There are so many unmade garments in my sewing room that I’m dying to dive into and just because the fast is over doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on sewing.  On the contrary. I have learnt to be a better sewist and am neater and more accurate now and I get so much pleasure out of creating the clothes that I wear.

A couple of items that I’m in the middle of (ok, not in the “middle” but I’ve bought my fabric and added length to my patterns) are:

  • a full length formal skirt (to hide my moon boot that I’m sadly having to wear again!) with a matching formal top for a wedding at the end of November (almost summer by then)
  • a slinky nighty/slip which will be trimmed with lace!
  • some stretch fabric dresses (and the fabric I’ve chosen is AMAZING!!)  
  • t-shirts and tops for summer

OK, so this was just a short update to let you know where I’m at at the moment. Enjoy your week and I hope to show you some more sewing photos soon.

Carola x

Oh, PS: The full length skirt I’m making is a self drafted skirt from my own skirt block – maybe, if I get time, I’ll show you how I drafted the pattern. :)


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