Simplicity 1716


This dress was very spur of the moment as I had a girl’s night out to attend on Friday night and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to wear… I don’t go out much but felt that I’d really like to go out and enjoy a few drinks and listen to loud music.  What was I thinking?  Oh, but the making of the dress was so much fun and putting more effort into my appearance also made me feel good.  It’s the fabric that made this dress so wonderful and being in between seasons at the moment you can never tell if it’s going to be warm and dry or wet and cold. It turned out to be cold and wet and so the 3/4 sleeve was perfect. The fabric was a thin stretch velvet with an awesome print and the stripes are sheer fabric so the dress had to be lined, which I didn’t have time to do, and I bought a slip to go underneath it instead.

Many of you will remember that I had to wear a moon-boot (due to a torn ligament in my toe) for about 3.5 months and even though I’m out of the moon-boot now, I still can’t wear normal shoes so if I was to go out I had to wear my black flat boots – there was no other option!  With this in mind, i found a pattern at Spotlight that made me think of 60s mini dresses and when I think of those, I also imagine boots underneath.  Teamed with my fabric choice, I absolutely loved the overall effect and it was probably one of the most comfortable and practical dresses I’ve made.  I still felt feminine and appropriately dressed and in my mind I looked unique but very me!

The Simplicity 1716 pattern certainly wasn’t difficult but I chose my size according to the chart and found the chart to be incorrect by about one size… I ended up having to take everything in by about 1.3cm (1/2″) and I find this to be annoying.  It’s the first time I’ve ever made a Simplicity pattern so I don’t know if this is normal or not.

It has the two standard pleats on the shoulders that give the rouched finish across the bust but it also has an extra pleat towards the bottom of the arm hole creating more rouching underneath the bust and I’m not really sure that I like that effect.  Either way it was too late to do anything about it by the time I realised that it was there and the fabric was too expensive to just throw out and start again ($30/metre)

Here are the rest of the photos:



IMG_9148I had a fun evening and even got home before midnight and I can’t wait for my next night out!!  Oh, and did any of you notice that I didn’t hem the bottom of the skirt?  No, I didn’t think so!  I ummmmed and aaaahed over it for a while before deciding that the fabric wasn’t fraying and by hemming it, I would more than likely create a horrible wavy hemline.  I thought it all looked fine and went with it.  Pretty neat, eh?  An extremely easy and satisfying dress to sew up.  So what will I sew up next…. I’m certainly on a roll at the moment, aren’t i?

Have a fantastic weekend!

Carola x


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