McCall’s M6512

See?  I have been busy!!  OK, this shirt makes up for the green one that I made and had to throw into a corner (for now) – I love everything about it.  The pattern is M6512 and the only thing I didn’t enjoy about constructing this one is altering the pattern, but then that seems to be an issue with ALL my patterns because I don’t have a “standard” body. Realistically though, it’s also the reason why i LOVE sewing so much because I can alter patterns to fit me right!

2013-09-10 11.21.17

When I look at the photo I think I should have added even more length to the body but that’s something I’ll do on the next one coz I am sure I’m going to make more of these.  The pattern was easy to follow and had some amazing instructions on how to alter the bust (doing a full bust adjustment) and having the correct markings on the pattern itself to tell you where you need to cut the pattern, should you want to do an FBA.  I think for people who would like to trial a few FBAs then this would be a great pattern to practice on coz it’s easy to put together and the instructions are very clear.

2013-09-10 11.22.29

The fabric I chose is actually a lot darker than I had intended but the feel of the fabric was perfect – a light weight 100% cotton with a self embossed stripe.  I picked it up in a half price fabric sale and the buttons actually cost more than the fabric! haha!  Another thing I found really nice about the pattern is that the shoulder tabs are actually positioned to the front of the blouse… novel, in my books! :-)

2013-09-10 11.22.50

And the sewing hasn’t stopped with the shirt!  I have a girls night out tonight and am almost finished with a dress that I am making.  I need to stop typing though so that I can finish it – I only have about 2 hours left to do this and I will blog about it soon!  I hope you’re all well. I follow many of your blogs on my mobile phone but unfortunately I can’t seem to make comments from there so I wait until I am at a computer but by then I can’t remember what I wanted to say anymore!!  LOL  Either way, I love reading about what you’re doing and I get inspired by seeing pictures of what you’re all making!

Have a lovely Friday!!

Carola xx


4 thoughts on “McCall’s M6512

  1. Congratulations on a beautifully executed top. It looks fantastic on you and I can’t wait to see what you are working on now. I have this pattern and after seeing what you have made I am keen to also have a go. Enjoy your night out :)

    • Awww, thanks Lene. I honestly loved sewing this one up and I was very precise with all my cutting and stitching. It came together quite easily and I’m over the moon with it! :)

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