I’m not dead!

Phew, definitely not dead… just been in a different zone.  I’m working my business harder and I’m finding this incredibly rewarding although I must admit it’s taking away my pleasure time in my sewing room! In saying that, just because I haven’t been blogging, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been sewing.  When I finished my last white shirt (which I wear all the time with so much pleasure!) I bought some green fabric and decided to alter the pattern slightly with different features and I put my heart and soul into it, made self-covered buttons (with the shiny side of the same fabric) and sewed 4 buttons on, tried the shirt on and felt like crying… it was too tight across my bust!  What a freakin’ waste of time that was!!!  OMG I couldn’t believe it!  The shirt hung on my dressmaker’s dummy for nearly 2.5 months before I decided that getting a breast reduction was NOT the answer!! haha, only joking there… certainly wouldn’t be thinking along those lines!   Well the shirt has been put aside but I’ve photographed it so I’ll show you what it looks like.

Self drafted shirt


I just can’t bring myself to finish the shirt anymore but who knows, maybe I’ll finish it and wear it over a singlet with the upper buttons left open!  But for now I don’t want to look at it for a while! :(

I’ve also done a stint in Melbourne when my 20yo daughter (who moved there back in March) had a non-alcohol related fall and broke her jaw in 3 places.  Spending 2.5 weeks with her was lovely (and draining) and the accident wasn’t enough to break her spirits and have her come back home with me.  She has since found herself a flat to share with another 2 people and has a full-time job and she’s loving it all (and almost fully healed). I’m really proud of her!

My sewing has also seen me sew up a couple of Sewaholic Renfrew tops but I haven’t taken very good photos of these at all but none the less, I’ll share what I have with you.

Renfrew T-shirt (Sewaholic)

Renfrew T-shirt (Sewaholic)

Long sleeved RENFREW with a cowl neck (Sewaholic)

Long sleeved RENFREW with a cowl neck (Sewaholic)

They were both very quick and easy to sew up and I really just want to finetune the fit and run off a whole heap more.  Spring has finally sprung here Down Under so warmer weather is heading our way and I welcome the cooler and brighter clothes!

That’s all I have time to share with you at the moment but I did sew more than just that (and am also busy sewing as I type!).  I love sewing and just wish that the rest of my life understood that too!!  More VERY soon! xx


10 thoughts on “I’m not dead!

  1. Love your green shirt – it’s so annoying when fabric doesn’t behave!!! Could you possibly open the side seams and insert a panel to give you more space?? Might look a little unusual….but at least you could wear it after all that work on the wonderful details! And, as a confirmed Renfrew-aholic, I love your versions. Here’s to the continuation of this glorious spring weather! (I’m in Sydney).

    • Thanks so much for your comments but unfortunately every single seam has been flat felled and it is more work than I am prepared to put in. I would probably prefer to start all over again but with summer on its way, it’s not a high priority to make any more long sleeved shirts for a while… I made a short sleeved shirt a couple of days ago and will blog about it soon plus I am making a dress right now too and it has to be finished within the next 24 hours!! Lol Sew, off to work I go! Lol

    • Thanks Laura, yes, it was an awful fall and it’s taken a while to heal. All good though. Yes, huge shame about the green blouse. It was inspired by a green shirt that Ricky Martin wore on X-Factor earlier in the year. So sad that I can’t wear it!! Haha!!

  2. What a great feeling to know your daughter is so resilient and she is back on track with her life. Good to have you back in the sewing blogisphere, and busy you have been!

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