McCall’s M6649

Wow, it’s been a fun fortnight with sewing and drafting and working and babysitting and cooking.  My life is just full of wonderful things and here’s the latest addition to my wardrobe:  McCall’s M6649 which I made with the aid of’s Classic Tailored Shirt course:

IMG_8802As you can see, it’s quite different to any of the pictures on the pattern cover as I chose to not add a pocket, I merged the centre band onto the centre front so I didn’t need to make them separate aaaaaannnnddd, I added length to the cuff so that I could sew three buttons on instead of one.  Yeah, ok, sometimes I get a little carried away with length and maybe, just maybe a tad, I added slightly too much to the sleeve but I’m not worried about it and love the shirt to bits!

You may also notice the ugly contraption on my left foot (called a moon-boot) for my supposed stress fracture in my foot. I’ve been wearing it for 5 weeks so far and last week I had an MRI to see exactly what’s going on.  I find out the results of that MRI in a couple of hours when I see my podiatrist again.  Thank goodness it’s not my sewing foot! :)

IMG_8804If you look carefully, you might be able to see the three cuff buttons… ?? LOL

IMG_8807IMG_8809IMG_8810I won’t make this a long post as I’m very busy but will let you know that I’ve already bought (and washed) my next shirt fabric…. it’s so very addictive and I’m looking forward to starting it soon but as promised I’m going to give some skirt drafting instructions first.  Stay tuned for those!

Happy sewing everyone!

Carola x

PS:  Just got back from the podiatrist and he tells me that I don’t have a stress fracture as suspected, and I also don’t have a tumour (which was something that he was worried about, even though he hadn’t relayed that worry on to me, thank goodness!!)… what I have is a snapped ligament on my second toe and he is still trying to decide whether surgery is the way to go or not!  The way I’m feeling right now, I don’t care… I just want to be able to wear normal shoes again and get back to my normal level of activity!  Either way, now that we know what’s wrong, we can work on fixing it! The only way is up!


21 thoughts on “McCall’s M6649

  1. Great shirt. I personally love the longer cuff, I think is very in fashion right now. Also love the sleeve length. Cant wait to see your next one :-)

    • Thanks Sandra… I can’t wait to make it either… it’s GREEN and wow, i love green! But… gotta get some skirt instructions out first! :)

    • Thanks Sunny! To be honest, I look at the original pattern and wonder how on earth I managed to see through the ugliness of the pattern and create something that was actually wearable!! (Am I allowed to say something like that?? LOL) Sorry, McCall’s!!!!

    • Judy, I highly recommend you biting! Wait until a particular course is on special (I don’t think I’ve paid more than $25 for any of the courses I now have in my possession!) and then go nuts. There’s no expiry date on them and you can do them whenever you like. I find it motivates me to sew more (and of a better standard!) Thanks for your comments! :)

    • Thanks Helen, that’s what I love about these craftsy courses…. they make me pay more attention to detail! :)

    • The course was great but my perfect fit came from making up a sleeveless muslin to check whether I had added enough to the body length plus repositioned my darts correctly. Pam was fantastic at explaining how to get the professional finish and I have learnt a lot. :)

  2. Your shirt is wonderful. The fit is spot on and I love the cuffs! Way to go. Glad to hear that you don’t have a fracture or a tumor in your foot!

    • Hi Teri, yes, I’m super glad that I know what’s going on with my foot now so we’ll be able to work on fixing it. Surgery isn’t required either so I just need to keep wearing the boot for another 3-4 weeks. Oh well, there are worse things in life! :) Thanks for your positive comments on my favourite shirt (in the world!!) for now. Am going to modify the pattern soon and then create the next shirt! Can’t wait!!

  3. Hi Carola, off topic….I have the tumour your podiatrist was talking about, it’s just a benign growth that grows around the nerves to the middle toes, inconvenient and a pain in the …. but not a health worry! I love that shirt, I made a Burda one about a year ago and it was a disaster, would you recommend the Craftsy course, I’ve been contemplating doing it since it was first brought out?

    • Thanks for your comments, Jenny. Ouch to the tumour (can’t they remove it to ease the pain?). Regarding the Craftsy course… yes, definitely recommend the course! I learnt so much and had Pam set up on my iPad next to my sewing machine. It was like having a private tutor!! :) I’ve got to admit that I find Burda patterns to be a nightmare and maybe that’s why your first shirt didn’t work. Consider buying a different pattern (maybe the one I used) and modifying it like I did. The Craftsy course helped me make my shirt look really professional. I love it and want to wear it all day… I actually feel like a little kid with new shoes who wants to wear them bed too!! LOL

      • PS: I think the course recommends a different pattern to the one I used… maybe have a closer look at that pattern too (you’ll see the details in the Class Materials tab)

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