A sewing room…

I finally have a sewing room which isn’t really anything special except that it’s the first time in my life that all my sewing equipment has been in one room that i can shut off from the world whenever I choose to.  It’s a makeshift room really because at the end of the day it’s also my daughter’s room (for when/if she ever returns from Melbourne) but if she saw it the way it is right now, I think she’d faint! The boxes in the left corner contain all her belongings and the bed has been disassembled and the mattress is standing on its side behind the ironing board.  The mattress actually conveniently doubles as an ironing rack (ie: BEFORE its ironed!! haha)… handy, eh? LOL

Here are a couple of photos – please remember that it’s just a mish-mash of furniture and eventually I’ll rearrange it and make it into a true sewing room with more functional furniture but for now I’m as happy as a pig in shit! :D


Everything together in one area of the house behind closed doors! LOVE IT!!

Sewing machine and overlocker both ready for action!

Sewing machine and overlocker both ready for action!

So I guess you can expect to see more sewing action happening in this corner of the world.  I’m starting with a skirt and then going to do The Classic Tailored Shirt (Craftsy course) WITH my penfriend (technically not the right word but you all know what I mean), Dina, who lives in Indonesia.  I love how the internet opens all these new avenues for new friendships and motivation.  Bring it on!!



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