Back on track

I can’t believe how wonderful it feels to have spent time in my new sewing room. I was so thoroughly enjoying it and it was a shame that I had to come out and live my other life too (not that I don’t enjoy my other life, but the world of sewing is so therapeutic and I can’t get enough of it).  I’m happy to say that I think I’m back to stay, although my daughter has mentioned that she would like to come home for 3 weeks at the end of June… does this mean that I have to pack all my sewing away during that time to make room for her bed?  Surely she’ll be OK with sleeping under the ironing board!! LOL

Yesterday I whipped up another skirt using my skirt block as a basis and you’ll notice that this skirt isn’t a pencil skirt… it’s an A-line skirt and it’s made with 7 gores. In hind sight, I should have made it an 8 gore skirt but chose to place the centre front panel on a fold.

RTW skirt block 041I don’t really have time today to explain how I used my skirt block to create this simple pattern but for those that are interested, I will sit down during the next week and show the workings so you can also start creating various skirt patterns. Please let me know if it interests you to see the workings for this pattern.  For now I will just show you a few photos so you know that I’m definitely back into the swing of my sewing and I’m loving it so much.

RTW skirt block 018RTW skirt block 013

The fabric I used is a wool blend and it was so easy to work with – I think I really like sewing winter clothes because they have more bulk and are not as slippery or flimsy to work with.

RTW skirt block 001And believe it or not I actually enjoyed sewing in the lapped zipper and OMG, isn’t Steam-a-Seam such a wonderful product??!!  How did I survive all these years of sewing without that incredible tool in my kit?  It worked so well in holding the zipper in the correct place without the use of pins that tend to distort the accuracy. Absolutely loved it and am so pleased with the end result.

RTW skirt block 025Oh, and did I mention that the skirt is fully lined in red Bemsilk lining???  I LOVE that touch too!  So racy in an otherwise boring skirt.  Boring or not, I love the skirt and know that I will get plenty of use out of it during the cooler months to come. It’s warm and the fit is perfect, although I would probably make it slightly shorter next time.

So who has had an attempt at creating their own skirt block using my spreadsheets?  Seriously, it only takes about 20 minutes to do and then once you’re happy with the block’s fit, you can start designing other skirts.  I’d love to hear any feedback on the spreadsheets and if you’re confused or have any questions, please don’t be shy.  There’s no such thing as a silly question! (remember learning that at school??) LOL

Happy sewing everyone!  I’m off to clean my house!


A sewing room…

I finally have a sewing room which isn’t really anything special except that it’s the first time in my life that all my sewing equipment has been in one room that i can shut off from the world whenever I choose to.  It’s a makeshift room really because at the end of the day it’s also my daughter’s room (for when/if she ever returns from Melbourne) but if she saw it the way it is right now, I think she’d faint! The boxes in the left corner contain all her belongings and the bed has been disassembled and the mattress is standing on its side behind the ironing board.  The mattress actually conveniently doubles as an ironing rack (ie: BEFORE its ironed!! haha)… handy, eh? LOL

Here are a couple of photos – please remember that it’s just a mish-mash of furniture and eventually I’ll rearrange it and make it into a true sewing room with more functional furniture but for now I’m as happy as a pig in shit! :D


Everything together in one area of the house behind closed doors! LOVE IT!!

Sewing machine and overlocker both ready for action!

Sewing machine and overlocker both ready for action!

So I guess you can expect to see more sewing action happening in this corner of the world.  I’m starting with a skirt and then going to do The Classic Tailored Shirt (Craftsy course) WITH my penfriend (technically not the right word but you all know what I mean), Dina, who lives in Indonesia.  I love how the internet opens all these new avenues for new friendships and motivation.  Bring it on!!


Spreadsheets are ready…

I am happy to announce that the spreadsheets are finally ready for you try out.  Go to my tutorials page and choose the correct spreadsheet for you to download, based on the information I gave you in part 1 a few months ago.

Can I just remind you that this is only a skirt BLOCK (or “sloper” as they’re known in the USA), which is the basis of making your own skirt pattern (of any style (pencil, A-line, pleated, gathered, etc!) I will talk more about this soon.  Feel free to ask any questions and let me know how you’re going. I’m so excited!!

Happy drafting…


Hello, this is me again…

Wow, I feel like a bear who has been in hibernation for 8 weeks and yikes, I can’t believe that it’s been THAT long since I last posted anything (let alone sewed anything).  I may have mentioned that I started a new job as a Thermomix Consultant, basically doing in home cooking demonstrations using a Thermomix and my first 60 days is finally over and the pressure is off!  I needed to sell a certain number of Thermomixes in that period and I’m happy to say that I have started my time with Thermomix on a good foot and can now slip into a slightly more relaxed mode which will include sewing again.

My 19 year old daughter has moved to the other side of Australia 5 weeks ago and I’ve been painting rooms and having new carpet laid so that I can have a sewing room of my own (until she returns!).  Guess what?  It’s happening and I’m so excited to be setting it up right now with the help of my husband.  It will double up as a spare room and will also be the dreaded “junk” room, BUT I will be able to close the door to all the mess and for now I don’t care!  So excited to be starting my sewing again very, very soon.

And…. I haven’t forgotten about the excel spreadsheet and the instructions on how to draw up your own skirt block so I think I will start with that.  It won’t be long.  Thank you all for your patience.  More VERY soon! x