Proof that I’m alive…

I honestly haven’t forgotten you all and I know you’re dying to see the Excel spreadsheet that I’ve created… believe me, it’s not far away (I just have my lovely “testing team” trialling it, particularly my imperial friends!) and as soon as I’ve received the OK from them all, I’ll go live.  :)

Just as a teaser here’s my self drafted basic pencil skirt that I whipped up today and I hate to admit it but I had an appointment to get to so I decided to leave the belt loops until later and guess what?  Well, it’s now “later” and something else has come up and who knows when the belt loops get fitted (but they will!!!!) LOL

pencil skirt 043

The fabric is so busy that you can’t see any of the darts or seams so I’ll try to get a plain fabric skirt happening soon so you can see more detail but you’d have to agree that the fit is pretty good on this one, isn’t it?

Side view

Side view

pencil skirt 049The fabric is just a drill fabric and nothing special and I guess while I was sewing it up I felt a bit bored and almost felt like stopping but now that it’s finished I love it! The split at the back is a box pleat and it’s all super neat and tidy and there’s a zipper and a hook/eye closure at the top.  Obviously the sky is the limit when you make it yourself!  It’s HOT and humid here in Perth today and it’s so nice to be wearing a skirt!  Oh, and do you recognise the top?  I’ve worn that one to death and it’s really nice to wear it tucked in for something different too!

Anyway, tomorrow I plan to make an A-line skirt and hopefully by the end of it you’ll be dying to get hold of the spreadsheet so that you can create your own skirts too.  I’ll also tell you how I drew the actual patterns and give you tips, etc.  Again, let me remind you that I’m no expert but this is the method that is working for me and I’m loving being able to share it with you.

So who’s looking forward to having a go at making their own skirt?  Tell me, tell me, tell me… I really need feedback right now.  Loving the way it’s all panning out and hoping to have many happy campers around the world soon!  Stay tuned…

Carola x


7 thoughts on “Proof that I’m alive…

    • I can’t wait to hear if the imperial sheets are working!! I have no idea on it all so am looking forward to your feedback. Thank you for being one of my testers! Unpack the sewing machine, girl!! LOL

      • I just entered all my measurements and printed it out. Gonna work it up after the kids are in bed- and pick a fabric. Hopefully I can get the sewing studio set up tonight, too.

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