1980s Peasant Top

I really enjoyed sitting behind my machine yesterday sewing up this old 1980s peasant top from Kwik Sew 1757.  It’s loose, comfy, feminine and can you believe that I made it up with plain fabric too!!!  Gosh i wish I knew what the fabric was so I could tell you about it but here’s a close up of the fabric itself:

Bought at Spotlight 6 months ago!

Bought at Spotlight 6 months ago!

I love the texture of it and I’m pretty sure it’s cotton. It’s so lightweight and probably a bit sheer on its own which is why I lined the front only with a fine cotton lining.  Because I buy so much fabric these days I’ve had come up with a way to remember what each piece of fabric is and I think I’ve finally come up with a solution: At the time of purchasing the fabric, use your mobile phone to take a photo of the tag on the roll (making sure that you can also see the fabric in the photo). Load the photos onto your computer and store them in a folder called FABRICS.  Those tags are full of all kinds of useful information like fibre construction and washing instructions and it’s a shame if, by the time you go to use it, you’ve forgotten what it was.  Let’s face it, some of us have fabrics that are YEARS old!!  Does anyone have any other useful ways of remembering what they’ve bought?

Anyway, here’s the top I made yesterday and please forgive the photography;  I think I mentioned that whenever I go outside into our glorious sunshine for a photo shoot I end up with glary photos and you lose the detail of the garment; or alternatively, the colour comes up ok but the photo is blurry.  After messing around for 15 minutes trying all sorts of things I gave up and decided to just stick with these few photos, post them to my blog and then move on to a more exciting sewing project. :)

kwik sew 1757 006kwik sew 1757 020

Not sure how i managed to get this photo with better colour... shame it's out of focus though! :(

Not sure how i managed to get this photo with better colour… shame it’s out of focus though! :(

Here I've made it more off-the-shoulder than in the previous shots!

Here I’ve made it more off-the-shoulder than in the previous shots!

When I made this top up, it was supposed to be a wearable muslin but making adjustments to this type of pattern (and fabric) is tricky.  It’s a bit big under the arms and I was too afraid of damaging the fine fibres of this fabric by unpicking it and playing around so I will wear it as it is.  I have some gorgeous fabric that I had intended to sew into a peasant top so now I need to decide what changes I will make and how! Ha ha.  That will be fun.

See the denim shorts I’m wearing?  They’re RTW and I love the colour blue.  Why can’t I buy that shade of blue here in Perth fabric stores??  Grrrrrr!  I love those shorts but they are too big in the waist and HAVE to be worn with a belt.  That’s the story of my life really coz my hips have always been a size bigger than my waist and this is why I am trying to perfect my fit and sew things myself. I think that maybe I should try shopping online but I am worried that it won’t look or feel like I imagined once i receive it.  What are your experiences with buying fabric online?  Any tips?  Any recommended stores??

Anyway, for the rest of today I am going to work on my skirt block.  Hopefully I can complete it, make a pencil skirt and blog about it soon.

Enjoy your weekend!



11 thoughts on “1980s Peasant Top

  1. nice top. it looks very comfy.
    i’ve not purchased on line yet, but have found a few websites i like. garment fabric is difficult to find here. Joann’s is pretty much the only store in town and they have very limited fabric selections. i’m going to buy a bunch of swatches from the websites. i’m the kind of person that needs to feel the fabric and rub it on my skin before i purchase it.

    • Thanks Sunny, yep, I agree… i like to feel the fabric first too. I just ordered a batch of swatches from a store on the east coast of Australia and can’t wait for it to arrive!! They’re having a sale next week (40% off everything)!! I hope i find some stuff that I like!

    • Thanks Jill! I’m not new to sewing but am new to online fabric purchases. There’s something scary about that! I can buy an appliance or even a car online, but fabric?? hahahah!! I’m very new to that!

  2. I have purchased fabric online and am satisfied about 75% of the time. I used Fabric Mart (Fabricmart.com) because of the free shipping for purchased over $35 (that policy may have changed). I have also read in other blogs about gorgeousfabric.com but have not used them. I think swatches are the way to go for online purchases, but I am usually to impatient. Now I just plan to make a trip to the really good fabric store and Joannes which are both within a 1/2 hour drive from me.

  3. I have shopped online at Gorgeousfabrics.com and Mood.com. They are both in the U.S. so shipping might be outrageous to your area. I like to order swatches to get an idea of what I really want first. Denim is especially tricky, as it comes in different weights and some have slight stretch, lots of stretch, or no stretch.

  4. Such a lovely, fresh top – I bet it is a dream to wear!

    Love the idea about taking a photo of the fabric/bolt details. I’d of thought of that . . . . . . in a few years time!!!!

  5. I love your top, Carola! I noticed Mood Fabrics doesn’t ship outside of the US or I would suggest it. Online fabric shopping is so tricky but most stores will send a sample which I highly recommend. Good luck!

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