Heatwave Down Under

While most of the blogging world is experiencing snow, rain and cold, cold weather, here in Perth we’re experiencing a heatwave with temperatures soaring at around 40°C (about 104°F!!) for about a week so far with no signs of cooling down until after new year. We live near the beach (about 5 minutes drive) and also have a pool (which is a good thing really coz in this extreme heat it’s too hot to walk on the beach sand plus Western Australia has recently become the deadliest place in the world for shark attacks!!) Oh dear, and to think that I paddled across 20km (about 13 miles) of ocean 2 years ago to Rottnest Island in my kayak.  I don’t think I’ll ever attempt that again but am very glad that I did it!  Here are two of my favorite photos from that particular day and no, we didn’t encounter any sharks, thank goodness!

You can see the bottom of the ocean

You can even see the bottom of the ocean – it was magic!

Me just chilling on the beautiful ocean...

Me just chilling on the beautiful ocean… and yes, I even had dark hair back then!

Anyway, so now that the ocean isn’t as popular as it used to be (and hey, I still go for a swim every now and then and it’s just divine but I’m just cautious these days!), how do we stay cool?  Well, I stay indoors and sew and what do I sew when I don’t feel like wearing very much at all?  I sew swimwear!  Today I made my first pair of bikinis and am almost hesitant to share the photos with you all as they are a bit bare, but in the name of sewing and sharing what I’ve learnt here goes nothing…

M5400 030 M5400 036 M5400 020The pattern is McCall’s M5400 and I’ll be honest and tell you that the only reason I bought it was because it was CHEAP! ($2.99) and I figured that I’d rather trial swimwear sewing using inexpensive patterns and fabrics. The fabric is amazing and I love, love, love the colours as they are so very me.  It has shiny silver circles all over it and the fabric itself is relatively thick and feels great.  The most expensive part of this whole exercise was the swimwear elastic at $1.10 per meter and i needed 5 metres.  50cm of the fabric cost me $5 so all up, for under $15 I have a terrific bikini (fully lined!) and I’ve learnt to sew stretch lycra.  I’m not sure if I used the correct stitch but it’s a curvy zig-zag and has certainly given me a look that I can live with.  The neck strap is not adjustable and I probably should have added a bit more into it for my longer body and I think that the elastic down the middle of the “v” at the front is a bit loose but I didn’t know how to test this prior to adding all the other parts and now that all the other parts have been added it’s too hard to unpick and correct.  Oh well, at this price I can afford to make a second pair.  I like these bikinis much better in real than on the cover of the pattern and know that I will now go out and dare to make more expensive swimwear (using more expensive patterns too!).

Well, I must head out for a dip in the pool now to test my new swimwear out… let’s hope they work!  So from hot, hot Perth I wish you a wonderful day no matter what the weather!



16 thoughts on “Heatwave Down Under

  1. I love the suit. So hard to believe it is so hot there… I was in my sewing room this afternoon hemming amd mending for my son before he heads back home, I was busy so didn’t pay too much attention til I was done. My hands and nose were so cold:) happy swim again love the suit

    • Thank you, thank you! Had a lovely swim and the swimwear stayed on perfectly!!! Aaaaannnnnnddddd, I bought some more of that exact fabric today (30% off sale), hoping to make a one piece bathing suit soon too! Just need to find a pattern!

    • Thanks Jacqui. I sure hope they last coz i really love the fabric. Can’t wait to make a one-piece suit very soon. It’s been a long time since I wore one-piece bathers. Hope you’re enjoying the heatwave too. :-)

  2. Oh wow! Your bikini is awesome! Way to go…..now I am off to my sewing room to turn on the heater, so I can make something very wintery. Enjoy your warmth, we have snow on the ground here in the state of Idaho, but at least the sun is out and the wind isn’t blowing:)

  3. Your bikini is very nice. I don’t look forward to making swimwear when summer hits here. Probably because I don’t look forward to wearing swimwear! I do wish it were warmer here, though!

    • I think there are some great bathers out there, some that flatter each body type… the trick is to find the pattern to make your own! I’m looking for a rouched one piece pattern. I think the gathers hide body faults! haha

    • Five years from your own home-made suit? Brilliant! I need to make my top again coz the elastic isn’t tight enough down the V and it gapes when it’s wet. Not happy! Oh well, they’re easy enough to make and thank goodness I found more of the fabric!

  4. Still snowy here in Canada . . . . so it is lovely to see some ‘sunshiney’ pics! Your bikini looks fabulous – I am also a fan of lilacs and green and the fabric is gorgeous. Well done to you!

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