Got my sewing mojo back!

It’s been a very busy few weeks and I can’t believe that it’s been so long since I posted something last.  Part of me felt disheartened by my sewing “failures” (I shouldn’t call them failures coz realistically they were sewing lessons learned) and my sewing machine and overlocker were tucked away for almost 2 weeks before I dared to take them out of solitary confinement.

Yesterday I decided to sew a knit dress.  Something I have never ever done before but reading sewing blogs has inspired me enough to give it a go myself and WOW!!  Why did it take so long to give this a go?  Stretch knit is actually so easy and forgiving to work with and even though I had a few hiccups I feel that they were ironed out quite easily and I even wore my new dress out to my last lunch (it is supposedly going to be the end of the world today, afterall!) and I feel I’m dressed suitably for the occasion!

When I first put the dress on this morning to show my darling husband, I said “tadaaaa…. do you like my dress?”  And his comment was slow and simple: he said “Ummm, I like how you made it…”   Huh??  OMG, what the hell is wrong with this dress?  He said “ummmm, I think it looks old fashioned… ?”  (I hate how he raised the tone of the last syllable turning it into a question!!)  OLD FASHIONED??  omg, really?  What’s old fashioned about it? Please be honest coz there’s no way I can post photos of an old fashioned “new” dress that I’ve made with my bare hands. He thinks it’s the fabric.  Oh dear!  I LOVE the fabric.  I love the colours and the snakeskin look and the BLUE (did I ever tell you that that was one of my favourite colours?). I don’t see what you see, dear!  But gee, maybe I am deluded… I don’t know.

Well, I had a Christmas lunch to attend and I was going to wear this dress and the reactions there would determine the fate of this dress.  The lunch came and went and I got very positive comments from the staff I had worked with who all thought my dress was lovely and one of the girls even asked me to make one for her!  OK, that feels more like it!  I was now smiling but no, I really don’t want to sew for other people.  This year is all about me and I’m really not interested in sewing for other people (sorry!!).  So would you like to see it?  Here ’tis:

M6163 028 M6163 030 M6163 036 M6163 017The pattern is McCall’s M6163 and I decided against adding the collar, probably more due to laziness but also because I felt that it would only make this polyester fabric dress even warmer and realistically, here in Perth, summer is rolling in and Christmas day (when I plan to wear this dress next) is set to be a mere 40°C (104°F)!!  I love this dress and I think I will make many, many more like it. Some with 3/4 length sleeves and some with plain fabric.  I think the busy print does tend to lose the rouching effect of the gathered waistline and it’s hard to see that I actually also have a matching sash around my waist.  A plain fabric will probably make this a bit more obvious but all up I’m over the moon and looking forward to wearing more dresses.  I will make my next dress in a more natural and breathable fabric to cater for our hot summers but I know that I will get a lot of wear out of this dress.  I hope my husband can bear to walk to next to me tonight as we head into the city for our weekly Indian dinner on the river.  We go to this vegan Indian restaurant that is very simple and has limited self-serve food to choose from but the tastes are out of this world and it’s lovely to sit outdoors overlooking the Swan River and enjoying a meal without our children (who are now old enough to leave at home).  Bliss.  The beauty of this restaurant is that you pay whatever you think it’s worth.  Honest!  Uni students may only pay $3 or $4 for their huge plate of food and others will pay more like $20.  We go somewhere in the middle and pay about $10-15 depending on how we feel on the day.  Honestly a great meal even though the decor leaves a lot to be desired but the location is spectacular and I always look forward to our weekly visit there.  If you enjoy Indian food and are vegetarian (or even vegan) you really should check this restaurant out if you’re ever in Perth… Annalakshmi on the Swan Hey, even if you’re a carnivore, I reckon you’d love it here.

The perfect last supper before the end of the world…. I actually thought that last night’s meal was our last but so far we’re still around so let’s hope that we’re all here to stay for a bit longer and we can continue blogging and sewing for a while to come!

Carola :-)


20 thoughts on “Got my sewing mojo back!

    • Thanks Sarah! Have had to pack all the machines away again to prevent me from getting distracted from the current tasks at hand (wrapping presents and finishing all the stuff for Christmas). Boxing Day is when it’s all allowed out again and I will be busy, busy, busy then!! Big smile on my dial! :)

    • Thanks Teri! I’ve learnt to take certain things my family say with a pinch of salt. Merry Christmas to you and your family too! (Great that the world didn’t end, isn’t it?? haha)

  1. Old fashioned? I don’t think it looks old fashioned at all! I love it. I’m glad you finally to to work with knit. It can be wonderful (and quick because fitting is a little easier).
    That restaurant sounds wonderful- Indian food is our favorite, and even though we like meat (once or twice a week) I will eat anything that is delicious!

  2. I too sometimes get very cautious well thought out don’t love it responses from hubby. He has a pathological hatred of paisley so that’s always a negative. And I think maybe a print colour or style just reminds him of something he’s seen on someone else in the past. So I usually wear a newly made pattern to work, if any of my female colleagues comment positively, I remake it. If no comments are made, I figure its not a winner. I love your dress, it fits and looks lovely. Make 3 at least, its so much easier to run up the 2nd and 3rd versions and a little variation in styling is easy. Love knit dresses, easy to wear, wash and sew.

    • Yep, agree totally. I’m loving this dress and can’t wait until Boxing Day when my machines can come out to play again! In the mean time I must continue wrapping and baking! Merry Christmas to you, Carolyn and thanks for your support!

  3. It is not at all old-fashioned. I can only imagine that your husband is thinking that it is the kind of ready-to-wear style that has been in fashion since the 70’s so maybe he is thinking that it is old-fashioned because he is so used to seeing the style. It is a timeless look that looks great and fits our modern life styles. The dress is flattering and I would wear it everywhere!

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