A couple of new creations

It’s been a long week but I’ve finally finished those two tops that were giving me grief. I spent the bulk of the weekend working on my work shirt and I’m looking forward to wearing it to job interviews and office related jobs but I do need to make a skirt first! I spent this afternoon sitting out in the sunshine sewing buttons onto the shirt and here’s a photo as proof:

Wearing a new cowl neck top, sewing buttons onto another new top…

As you can see, I’m wearing my new green cowl neck top today too!! This one was made of stretch bamboo and was a nightmare to hem no matter which stitch or needle I tried. I even tried the twin needle and eventually gave up before calling my Bernina dealer for help. She suggested treating the fabric by using hemming tape that acted like a glue and stiffened the hemline enough to be able to sew it. Voila!! It worked! I think the fit is slightly too tight across the bust but maybe by the third top, I’ll have it all worked out!! LOL

Back to my shirt/blouse (is there an actual difference?)… It’s a Vogue pattern (V1260) and wasn’t particularly hard to make but I had a lot of trouble with the buttons. Tried horizontal button holes that didn’t fit so opted for press stud style buttons that were meant for an anorak or jacket and were therefore too heavy for the garment plus I had a terrible time attaching them so in the end they all came off and I went with vertical button holes and traditional buttons and I’m over the moon now. Who’d have thought that button holes down the front of a shirt are actually MEANT to be vertical?? Doh!! I learnt something today and that makes me smile! :)

Here’s the finished result:


side-back view

Not sure if you can see the detail properly here but the sleeves have a lovely rouched/gathered effect on top of the shoulder (created with elastic) and I also love the buttoned tab!

All up, I’m happy with both tops. Next time I make a blouse (or a dress) I will lower the bust point as well as lowering the waist to get an even better fit which will be a whole new lesson in itself.

Plans for the up and coming week? Well, I’d like to make another pair of Thurlow shorts as well as try out a 3/4 length version too. I also need to draft a skirt block so I can create some skirt patterns… is anyone interested in seeing how I do this? It’s not hard to do with a skirt and I won’t ever have to buy a skirt pattern in my life. The sky is the limit!! :) Not sure how I’m going to fit all this in considering I’ll be working 4 days this week, but it’s nice to dream…

Enjoy your week!


11 thoughts on “A couple of new creations

  1. It did turn out very nice Carola. I cannot see on the photos that you ended up with button-holes, but I am sure you will show me next Saturday the whole thing, so I can have a proper look.

    You’ve come a long way since when you were about 17 and rushed through making a skirt. You were wearing it the same night unfinished (no waist-band). You only wore it once.

    When I look at what you are doing now, I am amazed at what you produce.

    I think it has paid off after all, sending you to sewing lessons. At least you did learn the basics there and the rest you are teaching yourself.

    Keep on going, you’re doing fine and I am sooo proud of you, but please take those red eyes away before you post them.


  2. Oh, that polka dot blouse is wonderful! I love the contrast piping. And the fit looks great!

    What pattern did you use for the cowl neck top? I just picked up a beautiful remnant of silk knit and would like to make something similar from it, but I only have about 1 1/3 yard.

  3. Hi Carola,
    Congratulations on persevering through those issues to achieve a lovely blouse. I enjoy reading your blog, it’s particularly interesting to hear from fellow sewists in the same city.

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