Clear out the old…

So I dragged my 17 year old son out of bed at noon and got him involved in cleaning the house and boy, does it sparkle! All my kitchen cabinet fronts are clean of finger prints (“why do we have to bother cleaning this, Mum? No-one notices it!”), all surfaces are dust free (“didn’t you do this last week, Mum?”), the floors are vacuumed (“gosh, Bella leaves a lot of hair around, Mum”) and mopped, plus we got a couple of loads of washing on the line (“and don’t forget to flick the washing to semi iron it before you hang it… it may prevent the need for ironing it later, son!!”). All up, I think it was a successful two hours of boy-training (creating the perfect husband for some other woman!!) and I feel so much better that the house is now tidy and I can breathe again.

Here’s where I sew and I know it’s not ideal but it’s at the centre of the house amongst my family and I can watch TV and movies from my seat behind the sewing machine! (and take note of how tidy it is at the moment!) On Saturdays my mum comes over and her sewing machine gets added to the table and we sew together. Sometimes the kids pull their laptops up at the table and I love chatting away to them while I sew. Oh look, there’s my husband watching telly!

Anyway, while I was cleaning the house I decided that my wardrobe needed attention and I pulled all my clothes out onto my bed. I looked at each item and had to decide whether it was to go or stay. Did I love it? If not, why not? Could I fix what I hated about it? Did it flatter me? Did I feel good when I wore it? Did I receive compliments when I wore it? When was the last time I wore it? Does it suit my life style? (funny, today I read a blog about whether we were sewing for our lifestyle or for a lifestyle we are dreaming of? What an interesting thought! ie: do I sew evening wear even though I never go out at night?). Going through my ready-to-wear wardrobe made me feel so annoyed that I’d been wasting all that money on ill fitting clothing for all those years and some of the items that I put into the charity box were brand new!! (shhhhhh, don’t let my husband know). Why did I buy those pants that just don’t sit right? Yes, they were half price from $150 but they still don’t look any better!! Grrrrr!! Out they go! Along with 2 bags FULL of stuff I can’t be bothered weighing myself down with anymore.

I feel so much better now. I had to go through the process of clearing out the old to make room for the new and looking at my current wardrobe that’s quite bare, I’m now more motivated than ever to make myself clothing that will suit my lifestyle, flatter my body shape and save me money. Being six foot tall doesn’t have to be a burden anymore. I will learn how to alter my clothes correctly, slowly but surely and by 19 October, 2013 I will have a lovely wardrobe full of well made garments that I’ll be proud to say “hey, I made that!”

I think I’m ready to head back to my sewing zone to unpick my errors and try to complete the two tops that I had put on hold. Or maybe I should finish a couple of aprons that were ordered a few weeks ago (or was it months?? OMG, i don’t feel like sewing aprons anymore now that I have a wardrobe to create!!)

Oh, wow, almost forgot to tell you that while I was sorting through all the old clothes some money fell out of a pocket… SEVENTY DOLLARS!!! oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!! And guess where I might spend that money?? Yep, at the fabric or pattern store! Well, wouldn’t you?? ;-)


5 thoughts on “Clear out the old…

  1. Wow…what a surprise! A wardrobe to create…don’t you love the sound of that! Good going in getting rid of garments that do not look good…let in the new :)

  2. Lol. I enjoyed reading your post. The money comment cracked me up. I would spend it on fabric too…or a new book about sewing, lol.

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