Thurlow muslin, take 2

Wow, adding 2cm to the crotch depth has made a world of difference to the rear fit of my shorts and I’m over the moon! See?

BUT, I’m still not happy with the fit at the front. Here is a very rough drawing of what I did to my pattern (sorry, it’s not to scale). You’ll notice that I added an extra centimetre to the centre front as it was a little lower at the front than it was at the back and yes, that portion is balanced now. :)

And here is how the front is looking now. In the photos it doesn’t look as bad as it feels on and I’ve tried a few different alterations but don’t seem to be getting anywhere to perfect the fit. It’s as though it’s not following my curve properly and I don’t know which way to alter it.

Do you see what I mean? **sigh**

Sorry, I was really hoping to be able to post finished projects but have hit a stumbling block and need to somehow get over it… any suggestions?


5 thoughts on “Thurlow muslin, take 2

    • Thanks Teri, yes, I had already looked at that link but kind of feel like none of the problems listed there relate to my problem. So frustrating! :( I went to my local fabric store and one of the ladies there does pattern drafting so I got her input and I think I’m on the right track. Once I’ve completed my final adjustments and made a muslin that I’m happy with, I’ll share my findings for the world to see! LOL

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