Note to self…

Next time you make a couture dress and have plans to wear it on a particular day make sure you have a back-up plan ready in case of bad weather!!

Melbourne Cup Day was today and the weather forecast said cold and rainy! For goodness sake, we’re in Perth, not Melbourne!! Yesterday was so cold and wet with thundery showers and I couldn’t see how I was going to wear my new dress with no sleeves. Tears fell as I had nothing else to wear and no suitable jackets or cardigans to give me extra warmth and I couldn’t just duck out and buy something as I was fasting so the only thing left to do was go door knocking and ask my lovely neighbours (who are all around my own age) if they had anything I could borrow. Hallelujah, Susan from two doors up had a cardigan with the right shade of green that I could get away with. Here’s how I left the house this morning:

Funny enough though, as I climbed into my car at 10:30 the sun came out and it was too hot to wear the cardigan in my car so I removed it. After 20 minutes (still driving at this point) I started to get a headache from the fascinator so that had to go too (I’ve never managed to wear headbands comfortably!). Anyway, enjoyed a lovely afternoon with a 3 course sit down meal, 2 fashion parades (one clothing and the other swimwear) and the whole time I was looking for design ideas that I could use in my year of sewing. Does anyone else do that? LOL I almost can’t stand how judgmental I’ve become now that fit is so important to me!. My horse didn’t come in but it was a fun afternoon.

On another note, I finished my Thurlow shorts and love the detail of them but am not happy with the fit of the rear view. The waist and hips are fine and I love the pockets, the fly and the belt loops and I even like the cuffs but I’m so sad that the fit isn’t perfect yet. Never mind, I’ll try again and alter the pattern after researching what the problem is and how to fix it. These shorts are made out of a navy blue bamboo fabric and the pockets are lined with Japanese cotton lawn. Here are the pics:

Gosh, I didn’t think that pants were going to be this hard to fit. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I knew it would be challenging. Can you see how the fabric is bunching up in the middle of the rear view? Any suggestions?


10 thoughts on “Note to self…

  1. Carola, according to my “Fitting and Pattern Alteration” by Liechty, Pottberg and Rasband,and if I am reading your photos right, it looks like you have a slight sway back. This is what the fitting analysis says: “On pants…The fabric binds against the crotch. Or it may be a long lower torso: the fabric “bows downward across the body centers because the fabric binds against the crotch. The pant fabric either pulls into the crotch crevice or forms into diagonal wrinkles from the crotch to the hp bones and the buttocks.” Not sure which one it is, or maybe it is neither:) I will wait to see if other weigh in.

    • Thanks Teri, I was hoping that someone out there had a book or some usefull links so after I’ve cleaned my house I will sit down and alter the back crotch length using the info you’ve given me. I might also increase the front as I feel that the front waistband is slightly lower than the back. So exciting to be able to get tips online like this. Thanks again!

  2. Your shorts are pulling under your booty at the back, which would seem to indicate that you need to add a bit to your back crotch length. The back crotch area is needing more length, so it’s currently “borrowing” the length from the front crotch area, which creates the pull lines and cupping under your rear. It should be a relatively simple fix for you in future version. The shorts are totally awesome, otherwise! If you love them (wish you should – they’re great!) & wish to try a fix right now, you could open them up in the crotch seam and insert a small gusset in the back crotch area. :-)

    • Thanks Carole. Yes, I love the shorts but hate unpicking even more so I’d rather use your tips to create a new pair. I must say that I love the bamboo fabric and may go back to buy some more once i’ve perfected the fit. I’m putting these ones aside as a learning tool and who knows, maybe someone i know fits them better than I do! Thanks again!

      • Haha! I’m the same way, Carola; it always seems easier to make something totally new, with appropriate changes, than to unpick & alter what has already been done! :D

    • My apologies, but I wasn’t very helpful in my above comment, was I? :oops:
      If you add a bit of length to the back inseam (the back leg piece), it lengthens the back crotch area where you need it. So if you wanted to fix this pair right now, you can insert a small gusset to the back crotch seam area (you’d make a small piece in a diamond shape), it won’t show when you’re wearing the shorts. For future iterations of your Thurlows, you’d just add some length at the back leg inseam, which effectively lengthens your crotch seam in the area where it appears to be needed. You do lovely work on your garments!
      Your lovely photo of your dress wasn’t loading when I commented earlier, but it is now – how gorgeous!!!! Perfect!!

      • Nah, all good… I knew you meant a diamond shaped piece but like i said, i think i’ll start from scratch. Thanks for the compliment on my sewing. Not sure how long you’ve been reading my blog for but if you scroll down further you’ll see the couture dress without the cardigan (actually much nicer, but what can i say… I hate the cold!!) LOL

  3. I am sad that the picture of you in your couture dress isn’t loading! I hope you are able to get great advice for the shorts. I am not skilled in pant fitting either.

    • Hi Laura, thanks for letting me know that the pic wasn’t loading. I had noticed it on my mobile phone but thought it must have been the phone and not my blog! It’s semi fixed so you’ll be able to see it but I am a bit confused though because now a smaller image of the dress also appears at the bottom near the shorts. I have no idea how to remove it from there without deleting it from above as well.

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