Sewing along…

And we’re off and racing… the sew-along began about 48 hours ago and I’ve finally sat down long enough to cut out my pattern and complete step one. And believe it or not I learnt a new technique!!! Now that’s something I love about the internet and sew-alongs and Google and I’m so excited about it that I had to write a new post.

In Lauren’s sew-along we had to “trim, grade and top-stitch” a seam and I thought “huh? how do we ‘grade’?” Thank goodness for Google coz I searched up a tutorial on that and wow, my seam is beautifully flat. I love wow moments like those and I wonder what I used to do in the past? LOL Here’s the link if anyone else is interested. Honestly made my day! :)

So here’s what I’ve done so far:

The wrong side of the front panel (with pocket unfolded at this stage)

The finished front panel with the pocket completed

The fabric I had was bamboo and it’s a lot plainer than I would normally sew but I’m trying to sew a practical wardrobe of mix and match clothing and I’m actually loving the simplicity of it all so far.


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