Recycle, recycle…

Here in Perth, our local councils are huge on recycling and we have a local tip (dump, i think you call it in America) where people go with trailers full of unwanted things and rubbish or garden waste. As you drive in there is a recycling unit where they remove any items that could be sold (in order to save the landfill). Today my husband picked up a huge roll of fabric that will be perfect for muslins and he only paid $10 for it!! I’m quite excited and have even cut some off and stuck it through the washing machine to make an actual pair of shorts. The fabric feels like a cotton of some sort but looks a bit coarser, more like linen but isn’t as crinkly as linen. It’s light blue so i think I’ll trial a pair of shorts and see how it goes.

This roll is HUGE! It’s 150cm wide (5′) and weighs a tonne so I’m over the moon that I can save money here, even if it’s only with muslins. I’d say it’s a medium weight fabric so let’s hope it washes well, even though for muslins i wouldn’t normally wash the fabric. I love the recycle unit at our local tip and it always amazes me what people throw out. I wonder what I will find next week!

I’m waiting for some patterns to arrive in the mail before I can carry on with more sewing but this morning I sewed for a friend whose husband had to have his leg amputated 9 months ago (above the knee) and he needed some exercise pants modified. The one pants leg needed to be cut off, hemmed and have elastic fitted so that his “peg” could poke through the bottom and attach to a titanium leg. All up a very easy job and it’s times like this when I love having a skill that can help others too.


3 thoughts on “Recycle, recycle…

  1. That is such a lucky find – I am quite envious really :)
    However, as I never visit the dumps I can’t expect to find such treasures. Maybe I need to change my ways, although there is not likely to be more rolls of fabric for sale.

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