The finished Couture Dress


There’s not much to say about the dress at this point except that I’d like to point out that this was completed BEFORE I joined the RTW Fast Challenge so this garment doesn’t get to sit in the same closet space as the rest of the stuff. Oh, alright, it can share the closet space but it won’t tally with all the others that I’m sewing for the year. I’m so glad it’s finished and am really proud of the fact that I perservered even though there were moments of frustration. The hand stitching wasn’t as scary as I had imagined and the hand-picked zipper (who’d have thought people still did it by hand these days… AND got amazing results!! LOL) was a breeze to fit. I’m glad I redid it with matching pink thread rather than the cream i had initially used.

Anyway, here are the pics (I think if you click on them, they can be enlarged):


Rear view.

Even Charlotte, the nosey cat from next door, was interested in inspecting my new dress!

The silk lining…

The hand-picked zipper. Take not of the pattern matching too! :)

I’ll be wearing this dress to the Melbourne Cup (national horse race in Australia) lunch with friends early next month… I must start working on my tan! :)


16 thoughts on “The finished Couture Dress

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Jenna! I didn’t think I’d wear this dress much either but now that it’s here I plan on wearing it to lunch with my Mum and sister next week, the Melbourne Cup lunch with a friend the following week and I believe it can be worn anywhere (including grocery shopping!). So what if i’m the best dress lady at the supermarket!! LOL

    • That’s so nice to hear… thank you! It’s a wonderful feeling when you’ve finally finished it all and in a way it’s a bit like child-birth coz you forget all the negative stuff as soon you’re holding the end result!! Haha!! ;-)

  1. Carola that is absolutely beautiful. You are such an inspiration. I found your blog through Goodbye Valentino’s blog which I have been following for some time. I have also purchased Susan Khalje’s couture class and am now very keen to get started. Where did you get the beautiful fabric? I also live in Perth, where I think that fabric shops are very much in short supply.

    • Oh wow, a fellow Perthite! Thank you for your lovely comments. I bought the floral print from Lincraft in Joondalup (it was a linen blend and the only floral I could find ANYWHERE in Perth). The lining I used was also from Lincraft but I’ve since found a MUCH nicer lining that I wish I had used, particularly for our warmer climate. It’s called EURO and is a silk/cotton blend available at Fabulous Fabrics (Balcatta definitely has black and white in stock) for $19.95/m. Sourcing the silk organza was tricky as the only place in Perth who sold it was Fabulous Fabrics and they wanted about $30/m!!!! I bought about 5m from Susan Khalje which was WAY cheaper ($12/m), even including postage. Definitely don’t buy the polyester organza that is readily available everywhere – it’s horrible!! Good luck with your dress. I look forward to seeing your finished garment!

  2. Gorgeous dress and I also found your blog thorugh Goodbye Valentino’s blog. I have also got that pattern, but haven’t even started it yet, but your version looks fantastic on you and congratulations on the perfect pattern matching.

    • Thank you Sharon. So nice to receive all these lovely complliments. It’s funny how many people have found me via Goodbye Valentino, including one of my own real friends in life!!! LOL I had kept it a secret from EVERYONE and only just told my husband about it 3 days ago!! Ha ha, i knew my secret would come out eventually!! LOL

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