Yay, I’m free of the drain (and bottle attached to it!) I happened to be wearing this new t-shirt today as it’s really comfortable and fits me well. This is my first creation since I started the challenge: A basic t-shirt. I found the pattern inside an old Bernina booklet that I bought for $2 at the local sewing machine store last week and I made a few modifications. I added 16cm (just over 6″) to the length and I love the tailored look due to the darts at the back. Notice it also has elastic in the sleeves but I feel like it should have had a bit more puffiness but all up I’m happy with the outcome. Looking forward to making something a bit more challenging soon but then again, we all need practical t-shirts too, don’t we, so I will probably whip up a few more down the track. Lucky for me, we’re heading into summer here Down Under.

Basic (although tailored) T-shirt. Fuschia pink and white snake-style print…

Number 1

Side view. There is a bust dart and you can also see the elastic gathered sleeve.

I love the fit of the rear. Those darts give it a nice tailored look that I think is classier than an ordinary t-shirt. The waist line is at the correct level and all because I made it myself!!

One of my pet hates is seeing mannequins in store windows wearing clothing that seemingly look amazing because they are so tailored and very flattering to her figure… that is until you walk into the store and see that they’ve pulled the garment back and fastened it with huge unsightly pegs. **sigh** Am I the only one who doesn’t even want to try on a garment anymore after seeing that??


2 thoughts on “Tadaaaaa!

    • Thank you Teri. I’m looking forward to making more fitted t-shirts but with added detail to make them more fun and interesting. Still trying to perfect the pattern though! :)

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