Still no photos but lots of thoughts and questions instead…

I am so excited to be doing this RTW Fasting challenge and my mind keeps thinking of all the things I want to make. I NEED to find a job that will give me more shifts than one 5 hour shift a week and for this I will need job interview clothing so they are on my priority list. I keep looking at the pattern sites and would love to sort myself out and have a better method of saving all my “wish list” items. I see people use Pinterest but have been warned by a computer geek that it is a very unsafe thing to do (by opening a Pinterest account) I can’t remember the reasons for this but when he explained it to me it all made sense. Has anyone else got any thoughts on this?

I have never used Flickr and again would love to learn the benefits of using this… is it mainly for displaying photos of my own??

I see so many clothes online that I’m sure I’d be able to draft the patterns of myself. Earlier in the year I dabbled in drafting my own bodice block and skirt block and found that I was quite successful with it. I even created an excel spreadsheet where I entered my measurements and it automatically calculated the lengths of each line I had to draw. If anyone is interested I would be happy to share my findings and even send the excel spreadsheet out other people to test out.

Another topic I am interested in sharing is how to “pad up” your adjustable dressmaker’s dummy so that it is a true replica of yourself. Currently the upper body of my dummy is very close to my own shape and size but the poor girl hasn’t got a butt to save her life and I’m going to attempt to get her looking more and more like me and then making a simple lycra cover to slip over the top to hide all the padding. Sound OK? I think so, in theory anyway!

My drain is supposedly coming out in a couple of hours and I can’t wait to photograph myself wearing my new clothes and posting them here. The couture dress is finally finished and I’m hoping that my body hasn’t changed over the past few weeks with my surgery! Ha ha, imagine if it has and then all those hours and hours of work go down the drain! Fingers crossed it will all be good.

OK, I had better get dressed and ready for the doctor.

PS: I made a T-shirt over the weekend (with added length, of course!) that I will also be able to show you once I’m photographable!! More soon…


4 thoughts on “Still no photos but lots of thoughts and questions instead…

  1. I am excited to see a picture of the couture dress on you! I signed up for that class a while back, but have yet to make a dress. I have gone through some of the lessons to get a feel for what is involved. I am excited to make the dress eventually.

    • Thanks Terri, You’ll be the first to know about it. I work in metric (centimetres) so will try to do an imperial one too but that may take slightly longer… Will do my best and keep you posted! Carola

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