It’s a new day…

And today is a special day. I’ve decided to take up the challenge of NOT buying Ready To Wear clothing from stores (or the internet) and instead I am going to sew them all FOR THE NEXT TWELVE MONTHS!

And to start it off, I have sewn up the muslin for my Thurlow Shorts and I’m happy with the fit, although I am unable to have any photos taken until next week when my drain is removed (not a pretty sight, believe me!). And I’m not prepared to keep my muslin until then because I need to unpick it to use the pieces as the perfect pattern for me. I made minor alterations, mainly taking in the waist via the darts and the centre back and there was a certain point sticking out half way down the centre back seam that I needed to flatten out too. I also learnt that these shorts do not behave when you wear a G-string so I had to change my underwear to stop my butt gobbling up my new shorts… All good, problem easily solved! The Sew-along starts sometime next week so I’ll need to put the completed pattern aside and maybe make something else in the mean time. But what will I make? I have a mountain of fabric and patterns that I will go through and hopefully come up with something soon. It’s a good thing I’m totally housebound until next week Monday because I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s so easy to wander down to the fabric store and buy some MORE gorgeous fabric (like we really need to do that!). So let’s see what I can come up with. Bye for now.


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