Will I ever finish it??

The lining has been cut out and I’m starting to sew it together but the fabric seems to have distorted a bit and this is making me want to give up entirely. I had a plan to wear my dress to a Melbourne Cup luncheon with some friends and the date is drawing near (6 November… that’s 3.5 weeks!) I should be able to handle that. For goodness sake, you’d think I only just started sewing a few months ago. In fact, I know beginner sewists who are pumping out more completed projects than I’m managing, and I don’t even have a full-time job! No excuses! Hit the sewing machine, Carola!

Oh, and for the record, I ended up restitching the zipper with waxed pink thread and I’m really pleased I redid it. It’s hardly noticeable now and looks much better. :)


2 thoughts on “Will I ever finish it??

  1. Hi Carola,
    Boy does this bring back memories! Your dress is beautiful ! I sewed both of my dresses closed. My first couture dress which is linen became distorted after I sewed in the lining and I had to release the stitches near the hem which held it in place. After that it was fine.
    The orange blossom special dress was not underlined. Even though it turned out great I wish I had taken the time to underline it now.

    My sewing machine broke while I was making the dress and ended up in the shop for 4 weeks. I sewed on an inexpensive borrowed machine which was fine but it just added to the frustration.
    All in all I ended up with two great dresses and the experience was invaluable. I apply several couture techniques to nearly all of my sewing now!

    The dress fits you like a glove and I can’t wait to see your final product!

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