Enthusiasm waning…

The look of frustration!

I think this picture says it all and it made me laugh when I realised that my mum had been snapping away silently without me knowing! But very appropriate to share with you that today I am feeling deflated and I’m starting to get bored. The process is taking so long and I wonder when I’ll be able to finish this dress and get on with some other faster projects? I spent yesterday and today machine stitching all the vertical lines of the three components that make up the couture dress and then making the most of the glorious weather and unpicked all the hand stitching (outdoors in the sunshine) so my seams could be pressed open and flat. What a lot of work! I plan to catch stitch the seams tonight and maybe in the next 3 days I’ll be able to get on to the next stage. I am working tomorrow (Monday) and Wednesday and it’s my birthday on Tuesday so I’m not sure when I’ll have time to do more sewing at this point. :(

A break is probably just what i need anyway and hopefully a few days off will renew my spirits…


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