Hand stitching is something that I’ve never liked and today’s task was to hand baste the entire dress together for a fitting. OMG, what was I thinking? LOL OK, it wasn’t too bad and it gave me a chance to see the panels in position and make changes if need be. I found that the left front shoulder piece was too dark and that panel needed replacing and I also discovered that I’d cut the front midriff section upside down so the flowers were upside down. Not sure if anyone else would have noticed but I knew I’d done it wrong so i had to redo that piece too. Much happier now…


At this stage I felt the left shoulder was too dark and didn’t look balanced.


Replacing that side panel (with shoulder) has made it look more balanced!

One of the things I am going to do is add piping in between the bodice/midriff and the midriff/skirt. I think it will make it more pleasing to the eye by making it obvious that these parts are all separate and I’m not trying to pattern match (unsuccessfully), if that makes sense.

Now to find someone who is capable and willing to pin the dress onto me so i can see the effects and make any final alterations…

Nope, no-one around. Will have to see how I feel tomorrow after my foot injection (the fourth and final ethanol injection!). Probably won’t be able to stand for a couple of days and these things just draw out the process even longer…


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