Slowly moving along…

It’s such a slow process but I’m taking so much care to get it right and I’m loving every process involved in creating my first couture dress. After pinning the silk organza onto the back of the floral linen, making sure that I matched patterns, I cut around the pieces and then basted the organza in place by hand stitching along the stitch lines. The matching of the flowers is so important to me in order to give my dress the best possibility of looking great, despite my fabric choice. There are 19 pieces to this dress and last night I finished the hand basting and now I’m ready to hand baste the dress together for a fitting (again!!). Wow! It’s an exciting project but I think it must be boring to my family and friends.

This is the back view of the fabric with the organza basted in place…

And here’s a close up view of the hand basting along the stitch lines.

Hand basting of organza onto the back of the linen print.


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