Spring has sprung!

Yes, it’s the first of September and spring has finally sprung Down Under and what a beautiful day to kick it off… blue skies and a pleasant 23°C (about 73°F) outside. One of the things I love doing is taking my sewing out into the sunshine and doing any hand stitching or unpicking with the sun’s glorious warmth on my back. Heaven, I tell you!

You may remember that my silk organza arrived earlier in the week and I made sure that I finished cleaning my house before allowing myself to start the next phase of my couture dress… that wasn’t easy! I ironed the organza and started pinning my unpicked muslin pieces onto it before using my tracing wheel and waxed carbon paper to transfer all the lines onto the organza.

Now I’m at the stage of pinning the organza pieces to the back of the floral linen fabric, trying hard to pattern match and still enjoying every process of making this dress up. Here’s the chosen fabric that is a linen blend meaning (hopefully) that it won’t be as crushable as pure linen and hopefully not “sag” like it does either. I don’t understand why people actually like 100% linen anyway because it’s a nightmare to iron and, yeah, ok, it breathes, but… so does cotton!

Yep, I know I am taking a gamble here because the flowers are quite large and this may not be suitable for the style of dress (each flower is about as big as my hand) but I loved the colours and figured that if I could match patterns and make the skirt look like one piece of fabric, i may still get away with it. We’ll see…


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