A week has gone by…

and I haven’t touched the dress. Really need someone to pin it on me so i can see where the error is. Fingers crossed it won’t be too hard to fix. My fear is that I have to alter the muslin heaps but don’t understand how this is possible!

I made 3 aprons over the weekend and am almost ready to get back into my dress again. I will probably wait another week though.

Here you can see my favourite apron of the week, one that I’ve made for my favourite 5 year old niece!!


* sigh *

Something’s gone wrong and I have no idea what. The hand-stitched dress fitted fine and I’ve machine stitched all the vertical lines, made piping to go on the waist band/midriff section and am now joining the 3 components together only to find that the skirt is too big to fit into the waistband. What has happened?? I’ve unpicked the catch stitching of the skirt and am looking at my actual seams… they look perfect. Has it stretched? I don’t think this is possible with the silk organza holding everything firm.

I need to stop. Breathe. Put the sewing machine away and remove all evidence of a sewist living here. OMG it breaks my heart.

I will need to wait until someone is here to pin the bodice onto me again, just to make sure that it still fits me. If it fits, then I’ll have to continue taking the skirt in. If it doesn’t, then I’ll have to let the bodice and midriff seams out. **sigh**

A brighter day…

Well I must have woken on the right side of the bed today because I’m back in the swing of it all and have spent the bulk of the morning catch stitching my large seam allowances and I’ve actually been enjoying it again. The dress is starting to come together as you can see by the photo below – this is the inside-out view of my seams that look a tad messy but are actually amazing and feel so good when you look at the right side of the fabric! Notice that I’ve only done the left side at this stage but unfortunately I can’t stay and sew any more today because I need to go to work for a few hours but hopefully tonight I’ll be able to finish all the catch stitching.

Close up of the catch-stitching

Enthusiasm waning…

The look of frustration!

I think this picture says it all and it made me laugh when I realised that my mum had been snapping away silently without me knowing! But very appropriate to share with you that today I am feeling deflated and I’m starting to get bored. The process is taking so long and I wonder when I’ll be able to finish this dress and get on with some other faster projects? I spent yesterday and today machine stitching all the vertical lines of the three components that make up the couture dress and then making the most of the glorious weather and unpicked all the hand stitching (outdoors in the sunshine) so my seams could be pressed open and flat. What a lot of work! I plan to catch stitch the seams tonight and maybe in the next 3 days I’ll be able to get on to the next stage. I am working tomorrow (Monday) and Wednesday and it’s my birthday on Tuesday so I’m not sure when I’ll have time to do more sewing at this point. :(

A break is probably just what i need anyway and hopefully a few days off will renew my spirits…

Hand stitching done!

For now the hand stitching is done and here’s how it looks so far. I decided to hand stitch the zipper in so that I didn’t have to rely on others to pin me closed at the back each time.

Back view

After viewing the pics I can see that it definitely needs piping to break it up. Have bought fuschia pink but may need to do cream instead. Will see which one looks more effective! OK, time to clean the house again! :)


Hand stitching is something that I’ve never liked and today’s task was to hand baste the entire dress together for a fitting. OMG, what was I thinking? LOL OK, it wasn’t too bad and it gave me a chance to see the panels in position and make changes if need be. I found that the left front shoulder piece was too dark and that panel needed replacing and I also discovered that I’d cut the front midriff section upside down so the flowers were upside down. Not sure if anyone else would have noticed but I knew I’d done it wrong so i had to redo that piece too. Much happier now…


At this stage I felt the left shoulder was too dark and didn’t look balanced.


Replacing that side panel (with shoulder) has made it look more balanced!

One of the things I am going to do is add piping in between the bodice/midriff and the midriff/skirt. I think it will make it more pleasing to the eye by making it obvious that these parts are all separate and I’m not trying to pattern match (unsuccessfully), if that makes sense.

Now to find someone who is capable and willing to pin the dress onto me so i can see the effects and make any final alterations…

Nope, no-one around. Will have to see how I feel tomorrow after my foot injection (the fourth and final ethanol injection!). Probably won’t be able to stand for a couple of days and these things just draw out the process even longer…

Slowly moving along…

It’s such a slow process but I’m taking so much care to get it right and I’m loving every process involved in creating my first couture dress. After pinning the silk organza onto the back of the floral linen, making sure that I matched patterns, I cut around the pieces and then basted the organza in place by hand stitching along the stitch lines. The matching of the flowers is so important to me in order to give my dress the best possibility of looking great, despite my fabric choice. There are 19 pieces to this dress and last night I finished the hand basting and now I’m ready to hand baste the dress together for a fitting (again!!). Wow! It’s an exciting project but I think it must be boring to my family and friends.

This is the back view of the fabric with the organza basted in place…

And here’s a close up view of the hand basting along the stitch lines.

Hand basting of organza onto the back of the linen print.