I should never have checked the letterbox!

I knew I shouldn’t have checked my letterbox until AFTER I’d finished cleaning my house coz now the cleaning will never get done… my silk organza has arrived and I’m ready for the next phase of the Couture Dress! I’m so excited but really have to finish my chores before I’m allowed to play… don’t I? LOL

OMG I just opened the envelope and it’s lovely – so much stiffer than the polyester organzas that are available here… I really don’t feel like cleaning any more.


2 thoughts on “I should never have checked the letterbox!

  1. Hi, did you buy your silk organsa online? All the shops in NZ have this polyester shot organsa stuff, but I really want to lay my hands on some silk organsa, which is proving to be a little difficult. I’m just waiting for my pattern to arrive – I’ve watched all the videos in the Craftsy class and have been casually looking for the ideal fabric. I love the fabric you choose :-)

    • Hi Sandra, Thanks for your comment. Yes, I bought it online through Susan Khalje (the Couture Dress Craftsy course)… it was WAY cheaper doing it this way. I think her price was about $12/m and here in Perth the only one I found was a bridal specialist fabric store and they wanted over $30/m!!!! Here’s a link to her online store: http://www.susankhalje.com/store.html Definitely don’t go for the polyester crap. I tried it and it was awful! I bought 5m of the silk organza which will probably last me a lifetime but I know it will get used. Good luck!

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