Muslin almost complete

My muslin is almost done but I need to fine tune it and then visit mum for a pinning and photo shoot! My silk organza hasn’t arrived yet so I may be back at the pants sooner than I’d thought. :)

My weekend has been busy. I own a sea kayak and paddle every weekend with 2 friends of mine but we don’t paddle on the ocean much any more because of the high number of shark bite fatalities off our coast. It’s so sad really because our oceans on the west coast of Australia are so clean and beautiful. :( Now we mainly paddle on the Swan River which is also lovely but not as clear.

Me in my kayak….

I’m also currently busy trying to find a tenant for a rental property (yes, that’s a job I do) and I can’t wait to find one because then I’ll be able to focus more on the sewing again. Oh, if only I could spend every minute of every day sewing and have a fairy come and do all the chores that need doing to keep my household functioning!! LOL


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