Clover pants: oh dear!

The frustration I feel at the moment is phenomenal because I can’t get the fit right on my muslin. I’ve retraced the altered back-panel and stitched it all together again only to find that the alteration has only slightly improved the initial problem and enhanced others! Grrrrrrr!! I could cry (well, secretly I did have a cry but please don’t tell anyone). Being the only one of my friends who sews means that I have to work solo, and this is not easy when you’re trying to pin bigger darts or take it in while you’re wearing it. My mother sews and she used to sew so many things when I was younger but over the years she seems to have lost confidence in her abilities. I know she’s very good at sewing but she lives 45 minutes away and it’s not just a case of quickly popping over for another fitting which I know she’d gladly do for me. She’s just too far away for those little things. Through Craftsy I have registered to do a few different sewing related courses on-line and they’ve provided me with a pen-pal who is also doing the same course. Love the concept but really wish that she lived a bit closer than Jakarta, Indonesia! LOL

OK, I suppose you’re wondering what it actually looks like at this stage… here you go:

I’ve started with the above photos to show you the areas that concern me. Now I’ll show the same muslin hanging naturally on my body with my hands out of the way. You’ll also notice that my left leg is actually a bit bigger (it honestly is substantially larger) and I need to let the seam out a fraction on that one leg so that the pants leg doesn’t grip too tightly to my leg, making that side look shorter.

Clover Muslin take #3

So you can see what I’m talking about and I know they don’t look BAD on me but I just want them to look perfect! I want to use them as a pattern to make many pairs of pants and if you compare my muslin with the photos at Colette Patterns, you’ll see that the fit is just wrong on me. On mine, I feel like they are pulling across my bottom (you can’t see it) and I’m also wondering if I’ve made the back dart too long and wide. There seems to be a slight pulling on the top back “corners” from the side hip diagonally down to the end of the dart. Maybe the dart is too big. You’ll notice that I don’t add the waistband to the muslin as I’m just trying to see quickly if it fits but maybe i need to release the dart slightly and add the waistband to see if the overall effect is ok. Sigh… back to the drawing board, I think!


2 thoughts on “Clover pants: oh dear!

  1. I think I can help with at least some of this!! They actually don’t look too bad – you could definitely wear them out as-is (although I totally understand wanting them to be perfect!). The front definitely needs to be shortened- cut at the lengthen/shorten line & take out approx however much you’ve pinched out. Taper it a bit to the back (since you don’t need to shorten the back, I don’t think). For the back, Steph has a tutorial for removing excess back thigh fabric that should help. The butt looks good, though (sorry there’s not a non-creepy way to say that ahaha)!

    Hope this helps :)

    • Awww, thanks so much for your comments. I’ll look into it tomorrow. I actually went out to the shops today to try on pants and buy a pair that actually fit me correctly (making sure that I could return them for a full refund – shhhhh, please don’t tell! LOL), purely so that I could copy the front and rear panels like someone suggested in one of YOUR posts!! LOL OK, i’m not going to give up and I’m going to take your suggestions on board and give it a go. Stay tuned… :)

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