Hello world!

I’ve thought about blogging for about a year and even tried setting up a blog in the past but I think my fear of the world seeing what I write is preventing me from unlocking the PRIVATE button and releasing my thoughts to the universe.  Sew… here we go! Technically it shouldn’t be that hard to do. So why have I chosen a blog?  Well, at the moment I post all photos of my sewing onto my Facebook page and I fear that I’m boring my FB friends. I’ve decided to blog my journey and even to keep that fact to myself for a few months, as suggested by a blogger I’ve been following. Rather than have my friends reading my stuff I’d rather find people who are also interested in the same things as i am. It must be so boring trying to act interested in a topic that you know nothing about nor care about!  I’ve been sewing for about 30 years now and when my kids were younger I used to sew their clothes and got such a buzz out of the compliments I received from people.  The kids continued to grow and there were quite a few years when it was not practical to bring out the sewing machine (mainly due to us only having one small round dining/kitchen table in a small house) but when we moved to a larger house with a separate dining area I started to bring the machine out more often.  These days the machine doesn’t even get put away any more  because I am sewing on most days and I don’t think it’s in the way… it might not look very tidy, but it’s my spot in the house and I’m not excluded from the family because the dining table overlooks the lounge area and I can watch TV from where I’m sitting at my machine!  Heaven to be sitting in the same area as my loved ones and as much as I’d love my own sewing room one day, I dread the thought that I’ll be tucked away and forgotten. LOL For the past 10 months I’ve been sewing aprons and have even created a Facebook page so i could share my creations and sell them too.  Click here to view my Facebook page, if it interests you.

I’m starting my blog today because my sewing is taking a new direction and I’m veering away from the aprons and wanting to make clothing for myself instead (although I will still make aprons that people order!).  I am almost 6 foot tall (182cm) and find it hard to find clothing that fits well straight off the racks so this is where my sewing passion is taking me at the moment.  A while back I was fixated on drafting patterns from scratch and so far have managed to almost perfect the bodice block (but have given up for now) and also made a skirt block along with a successful skirt (oh, i felt so clever!!).

Recently I registered to do an on-line sewing class at craftsy.com called the Couture Dress.  The course only cost me about AU$35 and it looks amazing. It’s a pity that my free Vogue pattern hasn’t arrived yet as I sit her eagerly awaiting it’s arrival and bounce out to the letterbox every day hoping that it’s finally found my place, so in the mean time I have already purchased my fabric and all the other bits and pieces that Susan (the teacher) suggests but the wait is almost killing me.  To keep myself busy, I am sewing and sewing and sewing other things just to keep busy.

My latest PJs

So, here you can see the pyjamas that I made last week.  They’re made out of crafter’s cotton (100%) and faced and trimmed with chocolate coloured bemsilk.  I wasn’t sure about the end result but it’s grown on me.  I also made these solely with my sewing machine as my overlocker was being serviced!  Oh wow, fancy that – The Sewing Machine Man has just knocked on the door to return my gorgeous machine!!  Yay!!!!


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